We are all searching for something. We are searching to know who we are or what we are here for. We want to know we are living lives that have meaning. Instead, we feel lost, empty, and confused.

I get it, I have been there. 

But I have learned a little secret that changed everything. God cares more about who we are than what we do.  It’s true. 

But more often than not we get those two ideas reversed, and we end up making a mess out of our lives.

When we put the doing before our being, we find ourselves striving, exhausted, and depleted.

That’s where the idea of helping others live worthy of their calling started. I want to help YOU learn how to be who God created you to be so that you can do all He desires for you to do in a way that honors and glorifies Him. 


Living Known – It’s knowing who God to know who you are. That is where we find security, contentment, confidence, and peace. Once we get this straight that we can do what God is calling us to do.

Desiring More – God can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine with every dream, goal, gift, talent, and purpose He has in our lives. I want to cheer you on as we discover more of this together.

Seeking Unity – We aren’t supposed to do life on our own, but rather in relationship with others. But in a way that we go after unity – one mind, one heart in concert with one God. That is how He designed the body of Christ to work.

God created us with a desire to do, but we have to get the be right.

When they are in alignment then we can walk in a manner that is worthy of our callings, as it says in Ephesians 4:1-3

So you can quit searching and allow me to take that journey with you one day at a time. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started TODAY! Email me at dawn@dawnmowens.com.