The question is not, do you have fear — it’s what do you fear?

What is it that deep down in your soul you fear the most?

The fear of failure? Of letting people down? Of not doing what you want to do? Of people thinking you’re a fraud? Of being alone? Or letting go?

What is that thing? Think about it and when you got it, read on.

Everyone has fears. Even the person who seems to have all the confidence in the world. Dare I say, they may be the one hiding their fears the best. We all fear something. And most of the time, we can handle them — on most days.

But what happens when the fear starts to control you? When it keep you from the things you want to do? When it is so all-consuming you cannot even look past it to do the thing that you are so afraid of.

Then there is a problem, Houston.

And we all need to consider what, who, and how we are going to start dealing with it.

Or not.

Or you can continue to just keep letting that thing keep you from every good gift your Heavenly Father has for you. Let the devil win.

Jesus says in John 10:10, “The thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy. BUT I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Do you want your life marked with theft or abundance?

Your choice. 

If you choose abundance, I want to ask you to journey with me. Let’s walk together these next few weeks and I’ll share with you how I’ve learned to move from a life marked by death, theft and despair to a life of abundance. 



I’ll share about how God shined a light into the places I feared the most to get me to step out of my comfort zone so that I would become the person I am today. Doing the thing that I am called to do; living a a life of abundance.

And while I share God will reveal some truths to you — about you. We’re going to ask him to do that. So that you can learn a little bit more about your fears so, ultimately, you can overcome them and do the thing that YOU are called to do.

Sound good? Great. Let’s pray.

Father God, we love you. We come to you asking for you to start revealing to us the thing they we fear the most. That you shine your light on the area(s) of our lives that keep us comfortable and therefore away from your plan for us. And in that place, Lord I pray that you meet us and teach us. Both individually and corporately so that we as your children, devoted to you, can bring you glory. It’s in your name we pray. Amen. 

So, what is that area that God is wanting you to step out in faith in and on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being no fear at all to 10 totally freaked out, how do you feel?

Start overcoming your fear in a small way but commenting on this post with your number…maybe share why. you chose the number. Take an even bigger leap of faith and share this post on social media  with your number and challenge your friends to respond too.

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7 thoughts on “ Fear…Or Not

  1. 7. I know I am called to be a teacher, but it doesn’t come naturally for me. I struggle with classroom management. I feel as if I don’t know what I am doing. It is my biggest fear. Why would my calling be such a giant fear? It paralyzed me for a long time, but now I am going forward afraid

    1. Magan I totally get it. I’ll be talking about that exact thing in the next week or two so stay tuned! Just know…the more we fear, the more we need to trust God through it. Proud of you for doing it afraid!

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