Momma, Will They Like Me?

Kids all over the U.S. are heading back to school and right now the question resonating on all of their hearts is, "Momma, will they like me?" As parents and guardians, we surely can relate to this feeling. Every time we take a new job, we attend a meeting for the first time, a new … Continue reading Momma, Will They Like Me?

How Do you Handle the Fear of Rejection

How to Handle Your Fear of Rejection

Do you have a fear of rejection? You know that feeling: the sick to your stomach, nauseous feeling. It’s as if all of a sudden everything ever said of you is summed up in the person’s rejection of you. It feels personal. It is personal. If you have felt this emotion before, you have probably … Continue reading How to Handle Your Fear of Rejection

Three Ways To Avoid Being Offended | Dawn M Owens

Three Ways to Avoid Being Offended

I was offended. It honestly felt good. But I have learned since then three ways of how to respond differently. Let’s criticism get this out of the way, in case you haven’t been following along throughout this series; I am an approval addict. Maybe you can relate. It doesn’t take much for an approval addict, … Continue reading Three Ways to Avoid Being Offended

How I Lost Control | Dawn M Owens | Like Me or Not :Overcoming Approval Addiction

How I Lost Control – Caution: Sensitive Material Inside

This is the story of how I lost control. It didn't happen in just a day, or a week, or even a month. Slowly but surely, over time God started to show me how tight my grip was on the things happening in my life. I was strangling His plans and it was keeping me … Continue reading How I Lost Control – Caution: Sensitive Material Inside

Feeling Insecure | Dawn M Owens | Blog Post

Feeling Insecure?

Feeling insecure? Me too. It doesn't take much..someone's side glance, that new pimple that just made its grand appearance. Or possibly realizing you shouldn't have eaten that second cupcake this weekend, after noticing the muffin that grew above your pants. Insecurities can grow and fester in us until they have successfully done their job of making … Continue reading Feeling Insecure?