My favorite way to help people live worthy of their calling is through one-on-one coaching. This service is perfect for someone who is ready to take their next step in learning who they are and what God has created them to do.

As someone who has struggled with knowing who she was and what she was called to do, I know how powerless and defeated you can feel. Living this way can cause bad choice after bad choice, wondering if you’ll ever live free of people’s opinions and expectations to do what you feel called to do.

There were days I was overwhelmed with the number of ideas in my head. Other days, I struggled with whether those are me or God.

But after years of cycling, I have learned that God cares more about who I am than what I do.

When I got my identity in alignment with Him, that is when He started giving me my marching orders.

Whether you are still struggling to know who you are or you are ready to live out your “do”, I would love to be your cheerleader in seeing God do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine to make your dreams become a reality.

How do you know you are ready to be coached?

  1. You have vision, but you don’t know where to start.
  2. You are struggling with getting motivated and need accountability.
  3. God won’t let you off the hook.

Sometimes the only way we are going to be able to get started with our dream is we have someone to come along side us, hold us by the hand and guide us through the process step-by-step.

I would love to be that person for you.

I have two different coaching packages depending on what stage you are in at this point in your life.

Christ-Centered Business Launch

This coaching package is perfect for someone who is in the beginning stages of exploring starting a ministry, faith-based non-profit, or business. They have been dabbling in this as a hobby, but they are ready to take what they know to more people and at a new level of professionalism then they had before.

They are receiving confirmation from God and wise, Godly people that it is time to begin, and the time is now. They may be completely afraid of where they could take them, but know that if they don’t, they are going to have to deal with the consequences of disobedience.

Overcoming Approval Addiction

Here is the truth – if we do not know who we are, we can’t truly know what God is calling us to do. When we operate out of a false identity, we end up messing up the doing. We have to know who God is so we can understand who we are and why He placed us on earth to be His hands, feet, and mouthpiece to the world. It’s when we get that mixed up, that we start looking to man for approval, rather than knowing we are already approved by God.

We all are challenged with making choices that please man over pleasing God. However, we can learn from King Saul’s experience that when we do that, God can reject us from our anointed, and appointed call on our lives. (Read more about his story in 1 Samuel.) On the other hand, David knew who God was and what He could do, so when He was anointed and appointed He waited patiently on God to place him in position as King.

People-pleasing, insecurity, jealousy, control issues, and fear of rejection are just a few of the outward reactions to this inward issue. If you are seeing this manifest in your life and you have tried on your own, but can not seem to live out daily who you are, then I would love the opportunity to help you break free from this debilitating addiction so you can live confidently in knowing you are who God says you are.


Zoom calls to assess growth, review project goals, ask questions, and brainstorm development. Each call is recorded and shared in personal dropbox folder.

Calls last one hour and are weekly.


Who: Someone who wants to take their ministry from hobby to business. Includes faith-based non-profits, businesses, and ministries. This individual is interested in keeping Christ at the center of the process and is willing to use scriptural principles and accountability to create an organization that honors and glorifies God.


  • identifying your vision, mission, and goals
  • building a communication strategy 
  • leveraging momentum in your growth strategy
  • understanding who you are defines what you do
  • overcoming fear of failure and rejection
  • identifying your ideal client
  • learning how to keep Christ in the center of it all

I will work with you to create goals and expectations of coaching that meet both of our expectations through this process.

Length of Time: 6 weeks-24 weeks


Who: Someone who recognizes that they are struggling with insecurity, people-pleasing, fear of rejection, meeting expectations of others, and/or control issues and is ready to find freedom. She is a Christ-follower and desires to use scripture to aid in her healing process.


  • identifying three areas you want to focus on related to approval addiction
  • regularly discussing life circumstances and how to choose different responses
  • using scripture to guide the transformation process
  • understanding who you are defines what you do
  • overcoming fear of failure and rejection
  • recognizing times of freedom when you no longer are obsessing over what people think

Length of Time: 6 weeks-24 weeks


Who: Someone in either situation who needs an hour long phone call to assess their next steps.


24 weekly calls
Package Rate – $1663*
30% discount


12 weekly calls
Package Rate – $952*
20% discount


1 hour call
Package Rate – $99


6 weekly calls
Package Rate – $535*
10% discount

*These rates are discounted for full paying clients.
Contact me for payment plan options.
Package rates change to full cost to cover reoccurring payment fees.