Like Me or Not Overcoming Addiction to Approval

“Hi. My name is… and I’m an approval addict.”

Everyone craves approval, but there is a difference between being someone other people like and being defined by what others think. When our people pleasing becomes an addiction, it’s time to take a closer look at who we are trying to please and why.

Like Me or Not offers sound, biblical strategies to overcome approval addiction. Inviting us on her own recovery journey, Dawn Owens provides thoughtful and practical tools we can use as we navigate insecurity, rejection, and the comparison trap. With surprising candor, Dawn will show you how to surrender to God’s will, instead of the approval of others.

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 Leader’s Kit

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  • Questions to guide your group week-by-week
  • Homework to hold your group accountable
  • Scripture verses to help them overcome this addiction
  • Overcoming Approval Addiction Agreement (Week 1)
  • Scripture Memorization Cards
  • Pledge Against Rejection (Week 4)
  • The Approval Cycle Handout (Week 5)
  • He Knows Who You Are Scripture Verses (Weeks 5-8)
  • 1 Peter 2:9 print (Bonus)
  • The Lord’s Prayer print (Bonus)

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Listen to Podcasts on Like Me or Not:

Lion Chasers Radio Show with Lonnie Pointdexter – Live on May 31, 2018
Lonnie and Dawn discuss her struggles with approval addiction and how when we understand who we are God can do immeasurably more than we think or imagine.

Learn more about Lion Chasers Radio Show on Urban Family Communications.

Life Quest Show with Dwight Lehnhoff
Dwight facilitates a discussion on various chapters of the Like Me or Not book giving listeners a great overview of the different areas an approval addict can deal with on a regular basis.

Praises for Like Me or Not:

“Dawn’s timely message about our addiction to approval and the desperate need to fight for recovery prompts us to approach our insecurities with honesty and courage and discover joy in the surrendered life God intended for us.”

Angie Smith, women’s ministry speaker and best-selling author of I Will Carry You and Mended

“Dawn has written a powerful book that every woman needs to read! We miss so much of our God-given purposes in fear of what other awed humans think. Thank you, Dawn, for bravely sharing with us the solution to these oft-challenging fears and feelings: a deeper trust in the God who made us.”

Lara Casey, author of Make it Happen and Cultivate

“We’ve all felt the allure of social approval and the disappointment of an online post or real-life relationship falling at. Like Me or Not shows us a different way as Dawn’s practical tips and vulnerable stories call us to greater levels of freedom in Christ.”

Jen Weaver, author of A Wife’s Secret to Happiness

“Like Me or Not was a liberating read for me as a woman. I believe this book is going to empower women everywhere to start seeing themselves a little more like God sees us.”

Laura L. Bento, CEO, Good Grit Magazine

“Like Me or Not is a helpful guide for those who struggle with people- pleasing. Dawn, with surprising candor, takes the reader through her own journey, and o ers tangible steps for growth and healing. If control and perfectionism are part of your need-to-please repertoire, this book is for you.”

Lucille Zimmerman, licensed professional counselor and author of Renewed

“Like Me or Not gives thoughtful, biblical, practical help for all of us who seek the approval of others. It is truly a crucial book for the twenty-first century.”

Bob Hostetler, coauthor with Josh McDowell of Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door

“Like Me or Not allowed me to feel more con dent in my decisions and completely surrender to God’s will instead of the opinions of others. If you’re constantly seeking approval, this is the book for you.”

Bethany Jett, award-winning author of the Cinderella Rule: A Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After.

“Like Me or Not is inspiring and uplifting. We all require tools to navigate the storms of people-pleasing. is is a must read on the path to self-discovery!”

Meghan Noone, model/spokesperson, Executive Director, Noonetime Charities

“Dawn has opened the door of her life to connect with countless people who share her same addiction. Like Me or Not serves as a practical resource to bring healing to the approval addict. This an authentic approach to new life is a journey worth taking.”

Micah Andrews, CEO, Foundry Ministries

“Dawn’s book is a must-read for all women. I’m grateful that God prompted Dawn to write such an honest and powerful book.”

Michelle Medlock Adams, best-selling author of more than eighty books

“Dawn addresses this important topic in an honest, personable, and loving way. For too long the standards by which we judge ourselves have been unreasonable and downright false. Dawn not only addresses the problem of approval addiction, she o ers a Christ-centered, practical strategy to solve it.”

Dr. Janet L. McMullen, Associate Professor of Communications, University of North Alabama


All proceeds from Like Me or Not support The Link of Cullman County.

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