Frequently Asked Questions about Like Me or Not

Here are some of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis about Like Me or Not.

Is Like Me or Not written for just women?
When I wrote Like Me or Not I was picturing women in my life who were also struggling with areas of this addiction. Each chapter I wrote had another face attached to it. However, though the book is written for women, many men have read the book and have reported over and over again, that this book is not just for women.

What age group is appropriate to read Like Me or Not?
Some of the subject matter and testimonials used are sensitive and therefore are most appropriate for college-aged and older. Those subjects include marriage, miscarriage, death, and chronic illness.

Can you do Like Me or Not in a small group?
Yes! There is a Leader’s Guide in the back of the book. However, I have also created some supplemental materials that you can access here.

What is the length of time for the Leader’s Guide?
The Leader’s Guide in the book was written for an 8-week group. However, some churches exist on a 12-week small group season. That being said, I developed instructions on how to modify the 8-week study for a 12-week group. (Coming Soon)

Do you have a book trailer that I can use to help promote my small group or when hosting Dawn to speak?
I would love for you to use my book trailer. It is available on YouTube and can be accessed here.

While you are there, subscribe to my channel. I am updating it with more Like Me or Not videos for your use.

I work with a jail/prison ministry, do you have materials specific to our need?
Most certainly we do! As a ministry leader who serves in our local jail, we wanted to make sure this book got into the hands of those who minister in the same way. You can find instructions with a modified guide and supplemental materials for you here.

You can also contact me at if you need books in bulk. I have worked with our publisher to make pricing affordable for your group’s needs.

Will Dawn come and speak to my group?
I would love to see if we can make that work. Contact me at or call 256-347-9626 so we can begin a conversation about your on-site needs. You can also learn more about my speaking experience here.

I want to contact Dawn about being a guest on my radio/podcast/tv/blog. What do I do?
Contact me at or call me at 256.347.9626. Although I can’t accept every request, I will do my best to see if your request fits my schedule.