Not Done Yet? There is More

Have you read LIke Me or Not but you need more. Well, look no further. Now you have resources right at your fingertips to facilitate a group (in different lengths of time and settings) as well as taking a continued class on your own.

I want to do whatever I can to help you along in your recovery from approval addiction. These resources will help you with living out the principals discussed in the book either on your own or in community with a group.

Small Group Instructions

Are you ready to facilitate a small group through Like Me or Not? We have created some supplemental materials to help you through an 8-week or modified 12-week study, depending on your needs.

Need a graduation certificate?

I have created a graduation certificate for you to use with your small group. Everyone likes to feel that sense of completion, now you can reward your class with a graduation certificate with their name on it. This certificate was made in Powerpoint and can be modified for each of your students. Instructions are provided on the second slide.

Leader’s Guide for Small Groups

Fill out your name and email address below and we will send you a follow-up email with all the supplemental materials.

Here is what you will receive:

    • Questions to guide your group week-by-week
    • Homework to hold your group accountable
    • Scripture verses to help them overcome this addiction
    • Overcoming Approval Addiction Agreement
    • Scripture Memorization Cards
    • Pledge Against Rejection
    • The Approval Cycle Handout
    • He Knows Who You Are Scripture Verses
    • 1 Peter 2:9 print (Bonus)
    • The Lord’s Prayer print (Bonus)
    • Graduation Certificate

Send Me the Leader’s Kit!

8 Week Leader's Guide                              12 Week Leader's Guide

Approval Addict Quiz

Have you taken the official Approval Addict quiz? Would you like to be able to share the quiz as you are advertising your group? No problem. Click here to take the quiz and grab the link.

Coming soon

I am currently working on a 15-week e-course for you to take on your own, should you not be in a place that is either hosting a small group or you are unable to attend one at this time.

Keep in mind, the best way for you to work on your recovery is in community with others. Accountability is key to your success.

Check back soon for details on this class.