Was Your Life Transformed through Like Me or Not?

Like Me or Not was written to share my story of how God re-defined my identity from trying to find it in the people in my life to learning I was already gifted with an identity from Him.

All my decisions, my need for controlling situations, my desire to do everything the right way in order to receive the praises from men was keeping me from the freedom that Christ died for me to receive. Chapter after chapter is filled with testimony of God’s grace in my life in teaching me how to overcome my addiction to approval.

Have you had some “ah-ha” moments that you would like to share with me or other readers? I would love to hear your testimony from your experience with Like Me or Not.

Here are a few suggested topics you could share:

  • Did you learn something new about yourself that you never knew before?
  • Did God show you area of your life that wasn’t in alignment and now you realize what needs to change to honor Him?
  • Did you read chapter 10 and realize you didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus but decided to make that commitment to Him?
  • is there a relationship in your life that is now healed because you were able to forgive, choose not to be offended, or let someone off the hook?
  • I heard Dawn speak on approval addiction and God has changed my view on…

If any of these or other scenarios fit your experience, fill out the form below.

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