Do you struggle with putting the desires of others above your own? Are you constantly wondering what everyone else thinks of you? Then this 24 call package will help you to identify the area of approval addiction you struggle with the most and then start a journey to breaking free from the need to constantly please. There is a 30% discount already applied to this package.

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Who: Someone who realizes approval from others matters more than God’s Word. He/She is struggling with knowing who they are and Whose they are. They desire accountability in the process of learning their identity in Christ.


  • identifying areas of struggle surrounding approval addiction
  • learn how to use the approval addiction cycle scripture method
  • develop a healthy perspective on who you are in Christ
  • learn how to make choices that are scripture-led not emotion-led.
  • overcome fear of failure and rejection
  • use principles and scriptural contexts used in Like Me or Not: Overcoming Approval Addiction to help renew your mind in the likeness of Christ.

Length of Time: 24 weekly calls

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