You are ready to take your ministry, non-profit, or business from a hobby to a sustainable, income-bearing business. These 24 calls will not only help you to take your vision and make it into a reality, but it will also help you to make sure Christ in the center of it. There is a 30% discount already applied to this package.

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Who: Someone who wants to take their ministry from hobby to business (faith-based non-profits, businesses, and ministries). This individual is passionate about keeping Christ at the center of the process. He/she wants to use scriptural principles and accountability to create an organization that honors and glorifies God.


  • identifying vision, mission, and goals
  • building a communication strategy
  • leveraging momentum in your growth strategy
  • understanding who you are defines what you do
  • overcoming fear of failure and rejection
  • identifying your ideal client
  • learning how to keep Christ in the center of it all

I will work with you to create goals and expectations of coaching that meet both of our expectations through this process.

Length of Time: 24 weekly calls

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